The Future of the Dairy Goat Industry

ADGA Youth is an integral part of the American Dairy Goat Association and offers opportunities to interact with other AG-minded youth, learn more about dairy goats and learn valuable life skills. Official ADGA Youth participation begins with a $10 ADGA Youth annual membership. You can apply for that on our site.  Apply for Youth Membership >>

There are two events annually on a nationwide scale–National Show in late June or early July and Annual Convention in October. National Show has more emphasis on showing while Annual Convention includes broader educational activities. Both events would be great experiences regardless of industry knowledge level or specific dairy goat interests.

In addition to social media, local dairy goat associations, 4-H and FFA are a places to connect with ADGA Youth on a more frequent basis. Contacting your local Extension Office to learn more about what opportunities are available in your area.

If you love to care for animals, love talking with friends about farm related things and what to improve your management skills, ADGA Youth is the place for you.